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Why sometimes you need to let go (Temporary Home, Paris 16ème)

Post written on Palco from Gilberto Gil. A feel good music that will help you let go.

Today I have decided to share with you why it is sometimes important to let go.

As most of my readers know, I am off to this great adventure of entrepreneurship. The difficulty I have faced since the beginning is that I have decided to start a business that is completely out of my field of expertise, professional and social network. Although this is a great adventure and I learn so much everyday about my new business and about myself, I am learning the hard way that I need to control my emotions and feelings in order to reach my goals. This includes being able to let go.

When you start your own business, you are pretty much left alone to build everything. This means that you are involved in every little things and details of your business. This leads to being 100% committed to what you create and thus being intellectually and emotionally invested in what you do.

– You have a vision, you know how you want it to be executed, you know how you want it to be.

– You find the right people to execute, you hand them specifications and they usually come back with what is doable, what’s doable but costly and what is not recommended or not doable for whatever reasons.

– You sign the contract, you get the ball rolling and then you might face issues in the execution process. And this is when it can cost you sleepless nights if you are not able to LET GO on some levels.

Based on my experience so far, here are the 3 things that I believe are crucial if you want to move forward keeping great energy:

1- Be prepared and able to compromise on some elements of your creation.

2- Be prepared to separate your emotions and your intellectual side. Your emotions are sometimes a brake or a malicious friend. You need to make decisions based on rationality and business strategy.

3- Be prepared to move, change and shuffle things around and be ok with it.

These 3 points all lead to having the ability to let go on some levels. This my friend, if you know how to master it, will be a great force as you will be able to channel your energy, a positive one, towards the accomplishment of your project with serenity.

My tips to LET GO – take a break and pick and choose:

– Listen to a great playlist

– Go see an exhibition

– Go see a movie

– Do a 45 min sport session

– Go out with some friends and talk to them. They will make you take a step back on your business.

Never give up

I hope this post will help some people.

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Note: The pictures are taken from Pinterest (unknown source). I just chose them and made the collage.


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